Pasteurizer Upgrades


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Cider makers across Michigan and beyond are benefiting from vastly improved equipment performance and a quantum leap in cider quality. There simply is no comparison.

Our equipment upgrades - utilizing proven component system technology- can eliminate bothersome breakdowns in cider pasteurization equipment and those undesirable temperature changes which require you to "baby sit" your pasteurizer while it's running.

Most pasteurizers today use dairy data to predict performance!

It doesn't take a milk scientist to know cider is different - it's damaged at much shorter time/temperature exposures than milk. Proper handling of cider requires getting it in and out of the system fast with turbulent flow and high velocity to prevent pectin fouling problems and to keep equipment clean. We'll not only give you a money-back guarantee, but for a limited time, we'll discount your system upgrade up to $1,000 based on make, model and serial number of your unit.

Turboflow Upgrade
  • Sluggish flow rates have given thermal pasteurization of fresh pressed apple cider a bad rap and are the cause of equipment plugging, flavor and color changes and unwanted sediment in jugs.
  • Turbulent flow increases production, eliminates the need for solids sending or filtering (even with a belt press!) and gives you colder outlet temperatures.
  • Eliminate the need to refrigerate after pasteurization before bottling (a huge cause of post pasteurization contamination).
  • No cooling section or Glycol chilling system required.
  • Know when to clean your system without disassembly by comparing inlet and outlet temperatures with pasteurization temperature.
  • Minimize cleaning chemical usage with the 10/10 clean up - ten minute clean up time at pasteurization temperature with ten gallons or less. Stop dumping all those costly, dangerous cleaning chemicals down your drain.
Digital Temperature Control - Upgrade
  • Eliminate redundant 'original equipment' mechanical thermostats.
  • Stop wide temperature swings for better quality control.
  • Chart recording capabilities, give permanent record.
  • Digital precision +/- 1° F automatically - ask our customers.
  • Set it and forget it - no need to adjust boiler settings!
  • Get the temperature sensor in the active cider flow.
  • Fully automatic temperature/time control of cider heat exposure at the temperature and holding time you choose! Infinitely variable push button temperature control..
P.D. Pump Upgrade
  • Positive displacement pumps replace outdated dairy centrifugal pumps.
  • Put an end to sluggish flow rate problems related to pectin plugging build up.
  • No more "air in the pump" or restricted flow rate failures.
  • End costly pump replacement and related down time due to cavitation or excessive heat exposure - the two most common causes of pump failure.
Plumbing Upgrade
  • Correct those factory design errors of improper divert valve location.
  • Eliminate unnecessary piping of hot cider to reduce heat exposure time.
  • Make cleaning and sanitizing easier.
  • Reduce usage of hazardous chemicals.
  • Get rid of "dead spots", entrapped air and hard to clean hiding places where bacteria multiply.

If you already own a pasteurizer, our component systems can improve its performance, increase production, and eliminate downtime and cleaning difficulties due to pectin fouling buildup.

E.coli biological testing of your cider is also available!

We can assist you in setting up your own testing program!

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