Pasteurizers & Components


Think about what you want in your cider operation. How about simplicity, reliability, affordability, flexibility, and peace of mind!

  • Flexibility - Increase production as you grow.
  • Infinite time and temperature settings that you choose.
  • 50-327 gallon/hour variable output.
  • No supervision required. Just plug in and walk away (fully automatic operation).
  • No flavor or color change. Retains 100% natural, fresh character.
  • Can be upgraded to meet any state's PMO standards.
  • The most reliable, easiest-to-operate, most compact, lowest cost, truly "clean-in-place" pasteurizer on the market... makes it easy to meet all the FDA's HACCP and SSOP requirements.

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Space Saving
  • Just over 2 sq. feet of floor space, less that 33" high.
  • Compact boiler (6" high stainless steel legs standard) for out of the way under-sink or wall-mounting.
  • Flexible, modular individual components designed for use with hot water, pumps, tubing, etc., that you may already have.
  • Buy only what you need or want - add features of or capacity as you grow.
  • Ideal for any size operation from small cider-maker to complete, fully automatic dairy-compatable systems for operations producing thousands of gallons per day.
  • Self-cleaning design process overcomes typical cider pasteurization problems by eliminating pectin fouling build up.
  • No need to pre-filter cider or settle out solids overnight - even with belt presses.
  • 85% regeneration efficiency (heat recycling).
  • Cold entering cider instantly cools exiting cider.
  • Maintains 100% natural, fresh cider character.
  • Keeps operating costs low (less than 1¢/gallon).
  • Shortens overall process time - takes only seconds from start to finish!
  • Get 10-14 day shelf life without preservatives AT ROOM TEMPERATURE.
  • Eliminate spoilage / take backs on wholesale accounts.
  • Self-Cleaning Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger - Fully assembled, pressure tested, handles high solids fresh cider direct from the press. Sanitary tri-clamp cider connections and adapters, and 1-1/4" M.N.P.T. hot water connections.
  • Cider Pump - 316 stainless steel, no maintenance, variable output, high pressure, positive displacement, National Sanitation Foundation approved beverage pump with built-in pressure relief valve. One-half horsepower totally enclosed fan-cooled farm-duty motor.
  • Hot Water Circulation System - Includes high-volume pump and connections, automatic air purger, air vent, thermal expansion tank, and indicating thermometer.
  • Stainless Steel Dairy Adapters - Tri clamp connections for easy cleaning and inspection.
Control Systems
  • Dairy Chart Recorder/Digital Control Unit - User-friendly. Allows selection and control of process time/temperature within +/- 1° F, automatically. One finger push button control.
  • Three-way Dairy Divert Flow Control Valve - Regulates pasteurized product flow circulation automatically.
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Approved, Dual-Electronic Control, Ten-Gallon Commercial Hot Water Booster Heater.

If you already own a pasteurizer, our component systems can improve its performance, increase production, and eliminate downtime and cleaning difficulties due to pectin fouling buildup - ask our customers - references glady provided on request.

E.coli biological testing of your cider is also available!

We will even help you setup your own testing program!

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