Pastuerization Issues Addressed

Pasteurizer not working like it should? Like you'd like it to?
Pasteurizer performing poorly? Hard to clean?
Pasteurizer temperature hard to hold?
Is your pasteurizer plumbing messed up? Deficient? Incorrect?

What people are saying... Complaints about their pasteurizers

"The factory promised to send someone from the factory for weeks now."

"I had to disassemble and clean the plates each day."

"It's almost impossible to control the temperature - I've got to stay with it all the time."

"The shelf-life of my raw cider was better than the juice I ran through the machine."

"We thought the square bailer was the most complicated piece of equipment on the farm 'til this thing came along."

"We had to put preservatives in our pateurized cider to keep it from blowing up."

"I was taking back lots of juice that had gone bad."

"Our flow rate changes constantly if we can even get the pump to run at all."

"The temperature sensing probe is is not even in the main stream of cider - it's way off to the side."

"The factory said I can't get it to work because I had air in my system. They sent me two brand new pumps and that didn't even correct the problem."

"My plates were so covered in cooked-on pectin - nearly impossible to get clean."

"Once it started to divert, you may as well clean up and go home."

"We spent many hours to do what should have taken only minutes."

"I've heard about so many problems other mills are having, we're not even going to try to run ours."

"My pasteurizer performed so poorly, I sent it back and asked for a refund of my money - I'm still waiting"

"They told me my shelf life problems were because the cider was coming out too warm, that I had to add a cooling section to my heat exchanger, and a separate Glycol chilling system - it cost me thousands of dollars."

"We had to settle our cider overnight or the pasteurizer got plugged up. Then after we pasteurized, we had to settle the cider overnight again or we would get a thick layer of solids in the bottom of the jug."

"I can't believe that after 5 years they knew about these problems and didn't notify any of their customers."

Proven Solutions

Do these complaints sound familiar?

We have proven solutuions to remedy these and many other issues.

Check this space for future updates, case histories and
corresponding details that may just help you keep the FDA away.

Cider Safety Update

Prevent, Avoid E.coli Outbreak.
Good Nature Pasteurizer design deficiencies confirmed.
Quickly and inexpensively corrected.

Pasteurizer Upgrades Make a Big Difference!

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